Therapeutic expertise in clinical trials

Therapeutic Areas

Lifepoint Research brings therapeutic expertise in clinical trials of various specialties like oncology, cardiology, orthopedics, Gastrology, Pulmonology, etc. Read on to understand why it is important to have clinical trials and how it benefits the medicine field.

Clinical Trials

The burden of diverse diseases has significantly increased all over the world. New medical discoveries open avenues for successful treatment. Lifepoint research brings therapeutic expertise in clinical trials in various specialty areas, expediting the research process and helping medical professionals put the best foot forward in their medical practice.

Some focussed therapeutic areas are:


Over 108 million people in India suffer endocrine and metabolic disorders. Our experienced clinical investigators conduct global trials and have access to a diverse range of endocrine treatments.


There are many rheumatoid diseases such as arthritis, lupus, Crohn's disease, Psoriasis, etc. We manage many clinical partnerships and help you find the right resource for seeking treatment.


India accounts for having the maximum number of cancer patients. Through our advanced clinical trials and investigation with the world's leading oncology centers, we help reduce this burden for both oncologists and patients.


Pediatrics deals with the health of infants and children. Our therapeutic expertise in clinical trials towards pediatrics find opportunities for better treatment of children and faster diagnosis of diseases.


In 2019, India had the highest number of neurological disorders patients. Our therapeutic researches and links with major neurological centers propel us to put our best foot forward in research and find positive outcomes.


The prevalence of nephrological or renal diseases has increased from 1-to 13 % in the last decade. Our research teams contribute to finding positive results for the best nephrological disease diagnosis or treatment.


Over 30million adults suffer from Cardiovascular disease in India, and the incidence has just doubled in recent twenty years. Our access to the world’s leading cardiology sites and Investigators ensures a large patient pool and focused line of treatment for them.


Our researchers have experience conducting global trials on gastrology and have deep access to their various treatments. Also, we have access to the world’s sophisticated network of investigators, and we bridge the gap between patients and medical facilities.


Lifepoint research has one of the largest investigative sites and is well connected to several renowned orthopedic centers for treating orthopedic diseases.


Our experienced team has thorough experience conducting detailed research on ophthalmology(eye disorders) and their treatment.


Various gynecological diagnoses and treatments, such as adhesiolysis, endometrial ablation, hysterectomy, etc., are results of successful clinical trials. We are proud to participate, conduct and figure out effective gynecological ailments through optimal research.


Our scientific team has conducted detailed and successful research in medicines, respiratory, and intensive care medicine for respiratory diseases.


It is a branch of medicine that deals with skin. Our research unit thoroughly researched dermatology.


Our clinical trials on Otolaryngology or ENT(ear, nose, throat). We conduct deep-rooted ENT research for adults and pediatrics to help patients inclusively.